Cyber Safety During the Holiday Period: Is Your Data Secure?

With so many online transactions occurring during the Christmas and holiday period, it’s critical now more then ever for small businesses to re-visit cyber security measures. Cyber Safety for Your Business With the holiday season well and truly kicking off, there is no underestimating that cyber-criminals are hyper aware of small business and consumer spending habits, particularly exploiting Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping channels. Data loss can be…  Read more

Have You Ensured Your Workplace Meets Safety Requirements for the Christmas Holiday Period?

It is vital that during the lead up to the holiday period and Christmas, we prioritize work health and safety! The lead-up to Christmas creates its own challenges in the workplace with busy schedules, tight deadlines and planning for celebrations. As we draw closer to the end of the year, workers and employers are urged to put safety first, understand the risks involved and work together to prevent Christmas-time workplace incidents and injuries. The Christmas ‘craziness’ can mean an…  Read more

Allan Hall Wraps Up Another Big Year of Charity and Community Support for 2019 with 30 Hairy Days for Movember

As Christmas approaches, it is always a good time to reflect and think of those less fortunate than ourselves and those that have been through hard times. As part of our Thrive Program, our team at Allan Hall continue to support those less fortunate, by donating to charities that have relevance and meaning to our staff, clients and local community. This is something that we are continuously focusing on as…  Read more

Allan Hall named finalist in numerous firm-wide categories, including the Australian Accounting Awards 2019

Allan Hall Business Advisors continues to impress with individual, network and firm-wide awards and accolades, with our latest nomination as finalists in 6 categories of the Australian Accounting Awards 2019, Women in Finance Awards and HR Manager of the Year. For further details and a full list of our recent awards, click below.

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