• Summary: The Wonderlic Questionnaire assesses problem solving skills.
  • Problem Solving Ability: It helps measure a candidate’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the mental demands of the position. It assesses reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability and problem solving.
  • Time: 12 minutes
  • Important: Needs to be completed in testing conditions to ensure external factors do not influence the results.
  • Report:
    • A raw score
    • A percentile rank measured against the general population
    • An equivalent IQ score and range (i.e. very superior, superior, above average, average, below average
    • Short explanation and analysis of result

Extended DISC

  • Summary: The Extended DISC Questionnaire assesses personal styles and preferences.
  • Behavioural Preferences: Measures unconscious (natural) behavioural style and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style (how a person behaves in a work environment). Provides information about an individuals’ behavioural style, motivation and communication style, skills, strengths and development areas.
  • Time: Not timed. Estimated 10-15 minutes.
  • Important: Online questionnaire that can be completed from any computer with internet connection.
  • Report:
    • Key descriptors
    • Motivators/Strengths
    • Areas for development
    • Extended DISC diamond
    • Natural and adjusted profile
    • Consistency of results

ACER Select

  • Summary: The ACER Select Questionnaire assesses numerical and verbal reasoning skills.
  • Cognitive Ability: Test measuring verbal and numerical reasoning. Two levels of difficulty depending on the position being tested for:
    • General Select: best for technical, administrative, customer service and sales positions, where in-service training or study is involved.
    • Professional Select: best for graduate recruitment, managerial or leadership roles, where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become increasingly important as staff are promoted in a career system.
  • Time: Verbal – 15 minutes. Numerical – 20 minutes
  • Important: Quick and easily administered online using any computer with internet connection.
  • Report:
    • For each test, the report generated contains two main sections:
      • A raw score against the amount of questions attempted
      • A percentile rank ranging from 1 to 99. Compares the candidate to a reference group. Higher scores indicating a higher level of reasoning
      • Short explanation and analysis of result

16PF (16 Personality Factors)

  • Summary: The 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire assesses personality traits and personal style in various situations and tasks.
  • Personality: Provides a complete picture by measuring personality in both the professional and personal spheres. It provides a comprehensive assessment of personality factors including warmth, emotional stability, dominance, openness to change, tough mindedness, independence, self-control etc. It helps to confirm suitability, reveal potential and identify developmental needs.
  • Time: Not timed. Estimated 35 – 45 minutes.
  • Important: Administered online on any computer with internet connection. Consists of a number of statements and three alternative answers where candidate is required to select the most relevant answer to them
  • Report:
    • An overview of the candidate’s scores on 16 primary factors and 5 global factors
    • An in-depth explanation and analysis describing the candidate’s:
      • Leadership style
      • Interactions with others
      • Decision making
      • Initiative
      • Personal adjustment

Other Tests

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