Reviewing your business practices for success

In addition to audit, financial reporting and risk management, our team at Allan Hall also provide the following assurance services to support the effective operations of your business:

Reviews of internal control environment

We oversee the internal controls and review the effectiveness of the environment as a whole, to provide reasonable assurance that the processes and policies of the organization facilitate effective and compliant operation of the business.

Information technology reviews

Often performed in conjunction with an internal audit or financial statement audit, our team can investigate the management controls within an IT infrastructure and determine whether it is effectively protecting assets and maintaining data integrity.

System documentation and assessment

Preparation and management of system documentation.

Due diligence reviews

Assistance with financial, legal, tax and environmental due diligence and business analysis for organisations that aiming to improve a specific business unit or are contemplating a new investment, strategic partnerships, or mergers and acquisitions.

Investigating accountant reports

This involves an independent review of historical or projected financial information with the main purpose of ascertaining whether the financial information is prepared properly on a reasonable basis with relevant mandatory reporting requirements and accounting policies adhered to.
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