Managing risk to protect your business

At Walter Allan Hall, we use our professional expertise and experience to help you to make decisions that will support your business objectives and prevent loss or harm to the business. Our range of services in this area include:

Risk management services

Assistance with the development and implementation of risk management strategies, frameworks and processes to ensure effective risk management and risk mitigation of business operations.

Corporate governance services

We provide a range of services to ensure you remain compliant, which then gives you more time to focus on the strategic goals and performance of the business

Review of governance arrangements

We understand that there is no one approach when it comes to the operation of ‘good governance’ for a business and it needs to be reviewed periodically. Our services enable us to assess current governance frameworks, flows, as well as provide governance training where necessary.

Fraud, risk and investigations

Our team can deliver an effective fraud risk management framework that will enable your business to prevent, detect and actively respond to fraudulent incidents as they occur.
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