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“Allan Hall has been my financial adviser for around 15 years. Due to their ability to think outside the square, I have made literally millions of dollars in savings, not just in legitimate taxation savings but through across the board accounting structural and processing ideas.”

Michael Porra, CEO and Creative Director NITRO Circus

Every business has a mission, and to achieve it, strategy and planning needs to be in place. A business plan is one of the most valuable tools in helping you reach your long-term objectives. At Allan Hall, we work with you to define your objectives, map out your strategies so you can achieve your goals, and determine what factors and forces may affect your success in the future so that you know how to deal with them.

We also review business plans, as it is important to keep it up to date as unexpected events can occur along the way. A business plan can be a challenging process, yet one that is very rewarding. Our professionals are with you every step of the way, whether you are a start-up needing to create a plan or an existing business needing a review.

Benefits of business plans:

  • Assists you to obtain finance from lenders and investors
  • Allows you to plan the growth of your business and associated capital requirements
  • Determines your succession plan
  • Enhances decision making in human capital, organisational performance and goal achievement plan
  • Identifies the need for resources and how they will be used throughout the business

Setting up the right structure for your business venture is an important decision as it depends not only on the size and type of your business, but the specific business goals that you have.

At Allan Hall, we understand that there isn’t one structure that suits every business, but getting it right early on can have a big impact on the ability for your business to grow. We take consideration to your business’s short and long-term objectives, succession plan, taxation laws, investment needs and asset protection to help you choose the appropriate structure for your business needs.

Benefits of structuring:

  • Minimises risk and protects your assets
  • Assists you to source funding options from lenders and investors by outlining operational efficiencies, and increase your profits
  • Ability to create tax efficient structure and lower costs
  • Lowers compliance costs
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Our team at Allan Hall Business Advisors is waiting to help you.

With more than 60 years of experience in accounting and consulting on the Northern Beaches, Allan Hall’s business advisors guarantee you quality services from the purchase or sale of a business through to management accounting advice. The specialisation of our accountants and advisors guarantees you valuable support for developing or restructuring your business strategies, across a range of industries.

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