Common Testing Combinations

We offer a combination of any tests, however we suggest the following test combinations for these positions:

Wonderlic and DISC (Evaluation Report): 

  • Storeperson / Driver
  • Internal sales
  • Sales representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Warehouse Trainee
  • Account manager
  • 2IC
  • Purchasing / Procurement 
  • Graduate / Cadet
  • Executive assistant  
  • Personal assistant  
  • Accounts payable  
  • Accounts receivable   
  • Accounts assistant   
  • Supervisor  
  • Projects Coordinator  
  • Credit officer  
  • Administration  

Wonderlic, DISC, 16pf & ACER (Psychometric Report): 

  • Profit  Centre Manager
  • Regional General Manager
  • State Manager  
  • Development Purposes (e.g. testing a Graduate to see if candidate has potential to progress into a management role)  

Other Combinations:

If the position that you are recruiting for isn’t listed here or you are interested in a different combination of tests, contact us directly and we can discuss the best testing options for you.

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