Extended DISC Questionnaire

An Overview of Psychometric Testing: Extended DISC Questionnaire

EXTENDED Disc Psychometric testing diagram

Psychometric testing is used to improve the effectiveness of the recruitment process. It helps to accurately select the right person for the organisation.

It is critical to remember that tests should be used  in conjunction  with other sources of information on the candidate such as interviews, resume, reference checks etc.

There are two main types of tests:

  • Ability tests  assess specific individual abilities such as numerical, spelling and grammar, strategic thinking etc.
  • Personality tests  assess motivation and personality traits, such as Drive, Independence, Adaptability, etc. Understanding what motivates people and what style suits them best is critical to ensuring that employees will succeed in the job being considered.

Before selecting any particular test:

  1. Determine what you want to measure (what you are measuring must be based on the requirements of the job for which the person is being considered).
  2. Select a test that is designed to measure those abilities or personality characteristics.
  3. Make sure that you choose a test which is valid and reliable.

Tests can provide useful additional information on the candidates and  highlight areas that need to be checked during the final interview.

Tests can also be an invaluable tool to utilise  following  the recruitment process. These tools can assist in the identification of high potential employees, as well as in developing your employees.

Extended DISC Questionnaire

Extended DISC Questionnaire Diagram

Summary of the test:

The Extended DISC Questionnaire assesses personal styles and preferences.

Behavioural Preferences:

Measures unconscious (natural) behavioural style and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style (how a person behaves in a work environment). Provides information about an individuals’ behavioural style, motivation and communication style, skills, strengths and development areas.


  • Not timed. Estimated 10-15 minutes.

Important note:

Online questionnaire that can be completed from any computer with internet connection.


  • Key descriptors;
  • Motivators/Strengths;
  • Areas for development;
  • Extended DISC diamond;
  • Natural and adjusted profile;
  • Consistency of results.

Selecting Appropriate Testing Instruments

Allan Hall HR has access to a wide range of instruments that measure key dimensions, including the Extended DISC Questionnaire. This not only covers personality and aptitude, but also specific skills and abilities.

We apply a tailored approach, with the recommended testing solution being dependent on how you will utilise the results and the specific outcomes you are looking to achieve. If you would like to find out more information about the Extended DISC Questionnaire or if you are seeking support with identifying a suitable instrument to meet your needs, we can offer you a free consultation with one of our in-house testing experts or our organisational psychologist.


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