How to Facilitate Testing

When it comes to testing under any conditions, it is important to remember that a lot of candidates can feel stressed, worried and uncomfortable. In addition to this, many candidates may not have completed testing in a structured environment since high school. We’ve put together a couple of quick tips and tricks that you can use to help you with the facilitation of psychometric testing, help put the candidate at ease and ensure that their psychometric results are as accurate as possible:  

Step 1: Ensure the testing is done in a quiet space with no interruptions, using  a computer with fast and  reliable internet.

Step 2: Ensure the candidate does not use a calculator, dictionary or other resources.

Step 3: Ensure the candidate has a pen/pencil and paper to assist with calculations and questions.

Step 4:  Briefly  explain what each questionnaire measures  and why you are using this for your recruitment.    It is important to let the candidate know that the results are not the sole thing that is considered in the recruitment process, and rather that the testing is used in conjunction with a number of other factors to help gain a better picture  of the candidates’ capabilities, areas for development and work style preferences.

Step 5:  Put the candidate at ease and l et the candidate know that they should relax, answer the questions as honestly and accurately as they possibly can. Any attempts to influence the outcome may invalidate the results.

Step 6:  Once the tests are completed, ask the candidate if they had any concerns, questions or issues with the assessments . If there are any concerns,  please contact our team at Allan Hall HR and we will guide you on how to resolve this. 

Test Specific Tips

Specifically, when completing the Wonderlic test , here are some helpful things to tell the candidates before their test:

  1. The practice questions are a guide for the format of how the questions will be asked
  2. Try to answer as many questions as possible in the 12 minutes
  3. If stuck on a question it is suggested not to spend too much time on it and simply move on to the next question

When completing the Extended DISC questionnaire , it is important to remember that when answering, candidates should think about how they would behave in a work environment. Candidates should answer in an honest way to ensure the results are produced. Inaccurate or dishonest answers may create invalid results and a report will not be generated.

Download our ‘ Quick Tips – How to Facilitate Testing  brochure for more information. Need further support? Contact our team of HR professionals on 1300 675 393 or at [email protected] Quick Tips How To Facilitate Testing