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“Using Allan Hall HR’s full range of services helps us get the most from our people, which is great for our business.”

Brendan McMahon, Regional General Manager MM Electrical Merchandising

What we offer

Substantive legislative provisions, such as the National Employment Standards (NES) and the 122 Modern Awards, has led to issues of interpretation and application for many employers.

Allan Hall Human Resources provides industrial relations services to assist you in understanding your obligations to your employees and managing your regulatory requirements.

Our experienced HR Consultants can assist you in:

  • Modern Award interpretation: Understanding your obligations in regard to minimum pay and employee entitlements under the Modern Award system;
  • Employment Contracts : Drafting and tailoring employment contracts based on the desired arrangement.
  • Enterprise Agreements: Developing and drafting your enterprise agreement in accordance with desired outcomes.
  • Enterprise bargaining: Negotiation with employees and/or a trade union with you, or on your behalf, with the aim to achieve your desired Enterprise Agreement objectives.
  • Advice in relation to good faith bargaining requirements and scope orders , the Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards and other applicable legislation.
  • Individual Flexibility Agreements: Drafting flexibility agreements on your behalf in accordance with relevant award requirements and the individual’s needs.
  • HR policies and procedures: Company-wide or developed for a specific work-site.
  • Workplace mediation: Assistance with confidentially settling disputes between, or with, your employees.
  • Representation in claims of unfair dismissal , adverse action, discrimination, bullying and harassment.
  • Support through termination of employment , restructures and redundancies.

Our Approach

Allan Hall HR Compliance Team

Our expert HR Consultants have been supporting employers across a broad range of industries to achieve their desired outcomes in the area of Industrial Relations for nearly 40 years. Providing a wealth of experience in negotiation, relevant legislation and best-practice approaches, you will feel confident that your issues are being tackled thoroughly and professionally.

We offer support over the phone or via email for straight-forward or ad-hoc questions, and are available to meet with you, or negotiate on your behalf, in any state or territory within Australia.

We can be engaged to assist you at your head office, or on a specific project site. We work closely with you to understand your business, strategy and desired outcomes, to provide documentation and support to achieve your objectives.

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