Jersey Day 2019 at Allan Hall Business Advisors

Allan Hall Business Advisors supports Jersey Day 2019

Last Friday the 30th of August, Allan Hall Business Advisors participated in Jersey Day,  supporting the DONATE LIFE network for organ and tissue donation.

For those who might not know, Jersey Day was launched in 2015 and was inspired by the story of Nathan Gremmo whose life was tragically lost when he was knocked down by a car at the age of 13. Generous to the end, Nathan Gremmo became an organ donor, his last and most amazing gift was to save the lives of six people, including five young adults and a baby.

Jersey Day is not about fundraising, but simply all about awareness – the intention is to fill online conversations with positive images and stories that show support for this cause.

Belinda Burne, partner at Allan Hall Business Advisors chose the Donate Life network as a charity for AHBA to show continued support. Belinda is extremely passionate about this cause and has inspired our team at Allan Hall to get behind this amazing charity, wear our jerseys and raise awareness within the community.

The team at Allan Hall wore their favourite jerseys in support of the Donate Life network and its safe to say there was a sea of maroon and white, with the Sea Eagles fans dominating the jersey tally!

For more information regarding the amazing work that Jersey Day contributes to please click here.

Jersey Day 2019 at Allan Hall Business Advisors