JobSaver payments end 30 November 2021

JobSaver payments to end 30 November, coinciding with further relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

When NSW reaches the 80% double vaccination rate, the joint Commonwealth and NSW Government JobSaver payments will cease and the Commonwealth will end its contributions.

NSW businesses will continue to have access to the JobSaver program at a reduced rate until the end of November even after the Commonwealth withdraws its support.

The NSW Government will continue to fund its 50 % contribution to JobSaver payments, tapering JobSaver payments from 30% to 15% of weekly payroll.

Details of the JobSaver tapering are set as follows:

(excluding extension 
Share of 
weekly payroll
Weekly payment range  
(paid fortnightly)
Weekly payments to non-employing business 
(paid fortnightly)
Current40%$1,500 to $100,000$1,000
10 October30%$1,125 to $75,000$750
80% double dose15%$562.50 to $37,500$375
30 November___

The extension of JobSaver will work alongside the NSW Government’s Roadmap and the easing of restrictions.

After NSW reaches the 80% double vaccination target the Micro-business grant will continue to be available at a rate of $750 a fortnight, before ceasing on 30 November.  

The NSW Government will announce its Economic Recovery Plan in early October, designed to boost business confidence and jobs growth and inject stimulus as restrictions ease across the state.