Psychometric Testing Pricing

Testing Set Discounted Pricing for all MML Businesses
STANDARD TESTING: Evaluation Report (Wonderlic and Extended DISC) $150 + GST (AUD)
PCM TESTING: Psychometric Report (Wonderlic, Extended DISC, ACER Numerical and Verbal, and 16PF) $750 + GST (AUD)
PCM TESTING + INTERVIEW: Selection Report (Psychometric Report + Selection Interview) $2,250 + GST (AUD)
CUSTOM TESTING FOR MM PLASTICS: Evaluation Report and 16PF Profile Report  $300 + GST (AUD)


For pricing on individual tests or combinations other than those listed in the table above, please contact us on 1300 675 393 or at [email protected]  and we can give you pricing for a testing solution to suit your situation.

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