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“Five years ago my wife and I both suffered serious career ending infirmities – at the same time. We needed serious and immediate help and advice with our SMSF, insurances and future planning. Allan Hall came to our rescue and took an enormous burden off of our family – with direct intervention, advice and true customer care.”

Graeme  Burns , Trustee

Our range of superannuation services allows you to take advantage of the flexibility and control of managing your own SMSF , knowing you are supported  with expert advice and assistance when you need it. Our Superannuation services include:

SMSF advice, structure and strategy implementation

You don’t have to know everything about an SMSF to have one. If you are looking to establish your own fund, our expert advisors at Allan Hall can advise you on whether it is appropriate for your circumstances, how to effectively establish, structure, and manage its ongoing operations, as well as provide advice through our internal network of financial advisors to complement your SMSF investments. We specifically focus on: 1. Establishment 2. Contributions and rollovers 3. Investment structuring 4. Pensions 5. Limited recourse borrowings 6. Estate planning

Superannuation accounting, administration and tax services

This includes preparation of the annual financial statements and income tax return, member reports, trustee minutes and other compliance documentation as well as any administration assistance required during the year.

SMSF audits

The fund must be audited every year and we work closely with our auditor to provide an efficient and compliant service.

Compliance rectification

We assist trustees who may have inadvertently breached one of the super laws with review  of the  issue, advice on how to rectify the breach and liaison with the ATO to minimise their penalty actions.
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