“In my profession we are always looking for a caring personal approach which  Allan Hall have provided, along with excellent communication, trouble shooting and advice regarding superannuation structures, wealth creation and set up.”

Dr Helen Tang, Trustee

Our SMSF advising team can develop a strategic superannuation plan to suit your financial and lifestyle objectives enabling you to take control of your near or future retirement.

Our advice process involves the following stages:

1. Understanding

The initial meeting is about getting to know you and understanding your circumstances and objectives.  It’s also for you to get to know us and how we can help.    Our minds will be flipping over with several possible options for consideration in the strategy stage,  some instantly dismissed, others taken on board for further investigation.

2. Strategy

Following the meeting we get to work and assess potential tax effective strategies for your particular circumstances.  We also consider any insurance,  investment and estate planning advice needs for referral to our financial planning team or an estate planning lawyer if required.

Our recommendations are documented in a Statement of Advice (SoA) which is a legal requirement under our limited license.

3. Implementation

We meet to review and explain each strategy presented in the SoA and how it will meet your objectives.  We then agree on a plan for implementation.

4. Ongoing Advice

We offer ongoing support to help you with the operational and management functions within your SMSF.   We review the strategic plan at least annually to ensure it is still tax effective and relevant to your circumstances and make changes to your strategy when required.

Our Superannuation team is waiting to help you.
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