Allan Hall Staff Raise Vital Funds for Women in Crisis

For Mother’s Day this year, our team at Allan Hall chose to raise vital funds for local mothers by supporting the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

During this time of social isolation, it is a sad fact that domestic violence is rising and many people in our local community are struggling financially. The United Nations Population Fund predicts that due to the COVID-19 restrictions and isolation, there will be a minimum of 15 million additional cases of domestic violence throughout the world.

It is now more than ever that those who are vulnerable in our community need our support. For this reason, our team at Allan Hall chose to run a Mother’s Day Bake Off in support of the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter, a non-profit organisation that provides a safe haven for women in our local community.

We are proud to announce that we raised $970 for the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

The Mother’s Day Bake Off also enabled us to show our appreciation and support for the mothers in our lives, while creating a fun and inclusive experience for our team whilst working from home.

Mother's Day Bake Off for Women in Crisis

We got our bake on and gifted our delicious goods to those who play an important motherly role in our lives – our mums, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties, grandmas, neighbours, friends and even our dads! Check out some of the delicious goods that were made!

Mothers day bake off

Our team at Allan Hall would like to thank all those who participated in the bake off and for everyone who donated to the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.

We hope all the amazing women out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day and we will continue to show our support for the women in crisis. Please click the button below if you would like to donate to the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.