JobKeeper Payment: Important Next Steps

It is very important to keep up to date with the JobKeeper Payment next steps and upcoming key dates to ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines to receive payments.

Jobkeeper Payment Key Steps (2)

The ATO has identified 3 key steps in order to receive the JobKeeper payment.

If you have already completed Step 1 and enrolled for JobKeeper, the important next steps you need to complete from this week in order to receive JobKeeper payments for your employees are:

  • Step 2: Identify and maintain eligible employees
  • Step 3:  Make a business monthly declaration

For detailed guidelines, please refer to Steps 2 and 3 of the ATO guide below that best represents your business:

You have until 31 May to enrol for JobKeeper if you intend to claim for wages paid for JobKeeper fortnights in April and May. However it is important to note that if you complete all the required steps now, payments will begin to flow sooner.

Notification of acceptance into the Scheme:

If your business has been accepted to receive the JobKeeper Payments, you will receive a digital receipt from the ATO, which is an automated process.

Identifying and maintaining eligible employees:

This step only needs to be done once. How you identify your eligible employees depends on your payroll software and your number of employees. Please read the detailed guides above for details.

Monthly Declarations:

Declarations via the Business Portal opened on Monday the 4th of May. If your business has been accepted into the scheme, you are required to make monthly declarations to the ATO via the Business Portal, to reconfirm your eligibility based on current and projected turnover.

In order to receive the first round of payments, you will need to make this declaration beforehand.

Declarations will need to be reconfirmed every month for the duration of the scheme.

It is critical to ensure that your bookkeeping requirements and your Payroll software are up-to-date, so you can report actual turnover.

Important Upcoming Dates:

To view the JobKeeper key dates and JobKeeper fortnights please click here.

Need help?

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