The Best Team Wins

In business, as in sport, the best team wins. And in business, as in sport, the competition is getting tougher.

This increasingly competitive business environment has led to psychometric testing becoming an increasingly popular tool, used by both small and large businesses, to ensure they have the best possible team with the right people in the right positions.

With the recent economic climate, many businesses have had to re-think their core stratergy. Their ongoing performance and productivity is dependent on the quality of talent within their ranks. Employers have needed to do everything possible to ensure that each new employee not only has the right skill set and experience, but is the right fit in terms of aptitude, knowledge, ability, attitude and behaviour to be able to face the challenges ahead and drive the business forward.

This is where psychometric testing is invaluable. It can help reduce employee turnover by accurately identifying and selecting employees with desirable traits, who are competent and have a good cultural fit for the business.

And it helps to get this right from the start – bad hiring decisions have been widely reported to cost an employer up to twice an employee’s base annual salary. Add to this the often heightened importance of interpersonal dynamics in a small business, and as well as the financial impact, one ill-fitting employee can have a very negative impact on overall productivity.

What can psychometric testing be used for?

Psychometric testing can be used to measure an individual’s aptitude and ability, personality and behavioural styles, talents and motivations, all which assist in predicting the way they will perform in a job.

The respondents’ results enable employers to gain valuable insights into issues such as how a candidate is likely to communicate with others, make decisions, solve problems, cope with challenges and deal with stress. These sorts of things are, of course, critical in many jobs and they cannot be accurately assessed using traditional recruitment techniques alone (i.e. review a resume, conduct an interview and check references).

A job Interview often places emphasis on experience and skill. Psychometric testing tells more about the behaviour of the candidate. People tend to get hired on skill, but fired on behaviour, so it simply makes sense to also firstly test the behaviour.

Can psychometric testing be used at other times?

Psychometric assessment can also be utilised outside of the recruitment process. It can provide a valuable source of information to help businesses get the most out of existing employees and assist with employees’ career and management development. It can add value in:

  • Career development, by clarification of individual’s strengths, areas for development and personal goals.
  • Team building, by making people aware of the differences among team members and enabling them to work more effectively together.
  • Career planning, by raising awareness of employee potential, interests or aspirations.
  • Succession planning, by identifying those with potential for progression and evaluating their fit for a particular position.
  • Performance management, by diagnosing underlying causes of under-performance.

How can we help?

Cost effective, tailored psychometric assessment can help your business in three key areas:

  1. Selecting the right people
  2. Identifying high potentials
  3. Developing employees

Our tests and questionnaires cover the following areas:

  • Ability testing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Safe Work Behaviour
  • Sales

They also cover a range of jobs at different levels:

  • Management
  • Sales and customer service
  • Accounting and finance
  • Clerical and administration

We only use well-researched instruments that are valid and reliable. We work with you to choose the most appropriate instruments to meet your needs. Our team of HR professionals and Psychologists will provide a comprehensive feedback of results.

With our focus on small business and value for money you can easily obtain the information you need and avoid the expense of using high cost providers. Equally, you can avoid the mistake of purchasing off-the-shelf online tools that will not add value to your business.

For more information on our psychometric assessment service, please contact the team at Allan Hall HR: [email protected] or (02) 8978 3752

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