How your business can gain a competitive advantage

Business owners are increasingly recognising that certification is a highly worthwhile investment.

Certifying your management systems to relevant Australian and international standards means you have an independent, expert assess your business who has industry knowledge to help your organisation benchmark your systems against a proven standard.

This provides your business with external recognition of operational excellence and compliance and can add significant value to your business including:

  • Increasing customer confidence in your business and its management procedures
  • Assuring your stakeholders, shareholders, regulators, management and staff that you have implemented ‘best practice’ in your business and met a number of legal and regulatory requirements
  • Providing marketing advantages over rival businesses
  • Giving access to work/tenders with larger clients or work not previously available
  • Improving the effectiveness of your business management systems
  • Aligning your business systems to reach your business goals sooner and more effectively
  • Improving worker morale –showing a clear commitment to quality and safety of your staff contributes to a more motivated, efficient and productive workforce
  • Reducing worker absenteeism and worker injuries – more effective systems and fewer accidents mean less downtime for your organization
  • Highlighting whether or not your employees are competent for the task they are performing, and continually monitor and improve your workforce skills and health and safety performance
  • Ensuring a safer workplace by identifying hazards, assessing risks and putting the necessary risk control measures in place to prevent accidents and non-conformances

Business systems certification standards include:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • WH&S
  • Information Technology

Graeme Powell who heads up our Safety and Environment division is an accredited Safety Quality and Environment auditor and can talk to you about how business certification could help your business. Please call Graeme on 8978 3755.

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