Wish someone else could look after your HR needs?

HR has become immensely more complex over recent years and small businesses with limited employees may find themselves overwhelmed by HR demands.

If you feel stretched thin by ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, managing employee recruitment, dealing with employee performance or behaviour or developing your employees to get the most out of them, you might need help.

While many small business owners might think that outsourcing HR functions only benefits large companies, there are a number of financial and other practical benefits to small businesses of outsourcing HR functions to a trusted provider.

Seven benefits of outsourcing HR

  1. Save money and reduce operating expenses
  2. Control legal risk and improve compliance
  3. Gain greater HR expertise
  4. Streamline HR functions
  5. Allow you to focus on your core business
  6. Reduce the cost of internal HR staff and related expenses
  7. Allow the person currently responsible for HR within your business to be able to focus on strategy

Choose your HR partner carefully

If you think your business would benefit from outsourcing some (for example, recruitment and selection) or all of its HR functions, ensure you evaluate vendors with care.

You are trusting a key function of your company to outsiders, so you need to ensure that the vendor is a good cultural fit for your business, takes the time to get to know your business, has solid HR credentials and offers superior customer service. You want a provider that will work with you as a partner, tailoring HR services and products to your organisation’s needs.

Ensure you do your due diligence to find an HR provider who will meet your needs and budget and provide value for money.

Allan Hall Human Resource Services not only provides HR support to our partners and staff at Allan Hall, but also works closely and with great success with many of our clients to assist with part or all of their HR needs.

If you would like an obligation-free discussion regarding your company’s HR needs, please contact our HR division directly on 02 8978 3752.

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