Your safety is our business

We understand that the safety requirements of one business can be very different from another, and offer a range of services from which to choose, that can be tailored to your business according to your workplace needs. All our WHS services incorporate the latest Australian Standards, practice and research.

Our services include:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • System Auditing
  • Workplace/Site Safety Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Consultancy Services
  • Training
  • Workplace Health and Wellbeing
  • Environmental Management Systems

If the service you require is not listed here, please contact us and we can develop a custom offering to suit your specific safety requirements.

Safety Management Systems

Our customised, easy-to-use Safety Management System is affordably priced and can be packaged to suit the size and scope of your organisation. It includes policies, simple step-by-step instructions and easy to use templates and tools to assist you to identify and control hazards within the workplace. It is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS4801 and satisfies federal and state government requirements. We work closely with you to ensure it is successfully implemented and provide you with ongoing support.

System Auditing

We are fully qualified to provide structured auditing of your safety systems, either with regular scheduling, or on a one-off basis. Auditing enables you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop continual improvement in your work health and safety management. Our safety auditors are fully qualified, ensuring your safety system audit is performed to best practice standards.

Workplace/Site Safety Plans

If your business requires a workplace/site safety plan, we have the expertise to deliver this service quickly, effectively and economically. We work with you to determine your site-specific details, safety risks, safe work procedures, emergency contacts and procedures, assembly points and first aid, and ensure these are clearly communicated to all staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

Risk Assessments

Do you know how safe you are? The law requires all employers to identify, assess, eliminate or effectively control all potential hazards. We provide a comprehensive workplace risk assessment and report as a first step to identifying and assessing the hazards that exist within your workplace.

Safe Work Procedures

Safe Work Procedures support consistent and safe work practices that can help improve work effectiveness and reduce injury or illness. In construction, Safe Work Method Statements are a legal requirement for high risk construction work and are commonly used for many other construction activities.

We assist you to develop Safe Work Procedures and Method Statements that are appropriate for your business and clearly convey the best practical method of performing the tasks and activities as well as meeting all compliance requirements.

Consultancy Services

If it is Work Health and Safety advice you need, our experienced consultants can cover everything from site-specific queries, to hazardous chemicals advice, workplace assessment and reporting, safe work practices, legal compliance support, and more.


As well as personalised on-site training, we host a range of in-house training sessions, delivered by qualified and professional trainers, accredited by relevant Registered Training Organisations. These are competitively priced and designed to give maximum benefit to our clients.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

It’s increasingly recognised that good health equals good business. A workplace that provides ‘good work’ through positive and healthy interaction with employees creates a healthy workforce, which in turn promotes healthy business.

Whether your business is just a few people or involves many employees, Allan Hall can help develop programs appropriate to the business that supports:

  • Improving workplace morale
  • Reducing stress-related issues
  • Improving employee physical and mental health
  • Increasing staff resilience

Allan Hall’s health and wellbeing programs support improved business performance with happier and healthier staff, improved productivity and performance, reduced absenteeism and reduced staff turnover.

Environmental Management Systems

Many businesses are now conscious of the environmental impacts of their operations and are looking to improve their environmental and sustainability performance while at the same time introducing more efficient operations and improving profitability.

Allan Hall can assist in developing creative and relevant Environmental Management System solutions that support the business to:

  • minimise environmental liabilities
  • maximise the efficient use of resources
  • reduce waste
  • demonstrate a good corporate image
  • build awareness of environmental concern among employees
  • gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts of business activities

Developing an environmental management system also supports businesses working within regulatory requirements and keeps businesses ahead of increasing levels of regulation and community expectations of business.

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