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The media, marketing and creative industry is riding a new and constantly evolving digital wave, providing businesses, both large and small, with new challenges and opportunities.

Consumers and businesses have gone mobile and online, migrating to new media and the digital age that we live in continues to take over the advertising and marketing world as companies try to effectively target an increasingly segmented audience. With our expert team, you can stop worrying about the numbers and concentrate on what you do best – being creative.

Our team of business advisors can help you with all aspects of your creative business, from recruiting and managing the right people through to managing your taxation, accounting and financial needs. We have worked side by side with many clients in the film, television and photography industry, providing relevant and timely accounting, financial, taxation and HR advice.

Our experienced advisors can help you with the highly complex and industry specific film and television tax incentives and rebates. We will help you to ensure all the monetary impacts of your projects are accounted for and cost-effectively managed.

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