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Regardless of the size and scope of your business or the industry in which you work, WHS compliance is essential, and so is the safety and protection of your workers and your business.

In addition, the responsibility of business owners and management for the health and safety of their workers has increased due to changes with the introduction of the Work Health and Safety Act.

Allan Hall Safety & Environment can help you with all your workplace health and safety needs. Unlike many other safety service providers, we understand the practicality of applying Workplace Health and Safety legislation and provide you with the highest level of personal support to ensure our safety solutions are implemented effectively.

We work closely with you to deliver solutions that are simple and straightforward in their application, realistic for your situation and customised to your business and industry.

All our WHS services provide a best practice approach to meet your obligations and comply with Work Health and Safety legislation.

Together, we can help you to:

  • develop a safer and healthier workplace
  • reduce the risk of injury, illness, death or criminal liability
  • satisfy your legal and moral obligations
  • reduce your workers compensation claims

With our system and support, along with your ongoing commitment, your people and your workplace WILL BE safer.

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Our WHS services

We understand that the safety requirements of one business can be very different from another, and offer a range of services from which to choose, according to your workplace needs. Learn more about our range of WHS Services.

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Our consultative approach

We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and the highly personal approach we take to implementing safety solutions. Just like the other accounting and business advisors that we work with at Allan Hall, we are your trusted advisors for all your WHS needs.

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Who we work with

Allan Hall Safety & Environment provides you with commercially realistic and appropriate WHS services for your business. Our clients vary in the size and scope of their business and span across a range of different industries. Whether you operate in professional services, construction, manufacturing, transport, logistics or a small local office environment, our experienced team is 100% committed to working with you to improve workplace safety, protect your workforce and your business.

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Our Workplace Health and Safety team is waiting to help you.

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Learn more about our WHS team

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