JobKeeper Payment: Important Key Dates

Final call to enrol for JobKeeper for April/May and next JobKeeper monthly declaration now due It is very important to keep up to date with the JobKeeper Payment key dates to ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines to receive payments. Upcoming JobKeeper Payment Key Dates: 31 May: Don’t forget, you only have until 31 May to enrol for JobKeeper if you intend to claim for wages paid for JobKeeper fortnights in…  Read more

COVID-19 Return to the Workplace: Safe Work Principles

As restrictions ease across Australia, there are some essential WHS considerations for businesses to prepare for the re-opening of the workplace. With the progressive easing of COVID-19 restrictions, it is essential for you to meet your obligations for workplace health and safety and provide an environment that allows a safe return to the workplace for your employees, customers and suppliers. This simply requires the workplace to be safe and without…  Read more

Cost Reduction Tactics for Small Businesses

At a time like this, money is tight for pretty much every business. Cutting costs can be a quick and easy way to improve the profitability of your business. Introducing cost-control measures can bring immediate savings and ensure you remain profitable in the long term. But it’s important that cost-control measures are carefully managed. Eliminating errant expenses is clearly beneficial, but indiscriminate cost-cutting could lead to a drop in quality,…  Read more

NSW Government Announcement: 2020 Land Tax COVID-19 Relief

The NSW Government has implemented measures to provide relief to commercial and residential landowners, who have chosen to reduce rent to a tenant due to the tenant experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. With the introduction of the 2020 land tax COVID-19 relief put in place yesterday, the 12th of May, the NSW Government aims to decrease a landowner’s land tax payable for 2020, by up to 25 per cent, for a taxable portion of land (both commercial and residential),…  Read more

JobKeeper Payment: Important Next Steps

It is very important to keep up to date with the JobKeeper Payment next steps and upcoming key dates to ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines to receive payments. The ATO has identified 3 key steps in order to receive the JobKeeper payment. If you have already completed Step 1 and enrolled for JobKeeper, the important next steps you need to complete from this week in order to receive JobKeeper payments for your employees are: Step 2: Identify and maintain eligible employees…  Read more

JobKeeper Payment Webinar FAQs

The Australian Government and the ATO continue to update JobKeeper Payment FAQs on a daily basis to assist you with the latest information regarding the JobKeeper Scheme and what you need to know as an employer. Click here to access the JobKeeper Payment FAQs from Treasury. Click here to access the JobKeeper Payment FAQs from the ATO. We have also created a JobKeeper Webinar FAQs that directly reflects the most…  Read more

Allan Hall named finalist in numerous firm-wide categories, including the Australian Accounting Awards 2019

Allan Hall Business Advisors continues to impress with individual, network and firm-wide awards and accolades, with our latest nomination as finalists in 6 categories of the Australian Accounting Awards 2019, Women in Finance Awards and HR Manager of the Year. For further details and a full list of our recent awards, click below.

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