Underpayment of Employee Wages and Entitlements – Are you at Risk?


Allan Hall HR, our specialist HR consultants at Allan Hall Business Advisors ran a FREE breakfast seminar, to provide you with information and tools to identify any issues of underpayment of your employees and manage potential risks.

Earlier this year, George Calombaris and the MAdE Group were investigated and prosecuted by the Fair Work Ombudsman for underpayment of employee wages and entitlements. More recently, Woolworths has admitted to inadvertently underpaying 5,700 employees by up to $300 million, over a 10 year period. Woolworths however, is just the latest big name employer caught up in an underpayment of wages scandal.

Whilst this might seem foreign to you, it’s critical to understand that any business, no matter the industry or business size, is at risk of underpaying their employees if they do not understand and comply with their obligations. The Fair Work Ombudsman has called on all employers, regardless of their industry or size, to review their payroll practices on an ongoing basis to ensure they are correctly set up and compliant. It is becoming increasingly critical that you ensure your business is compliant with all your award and legislative obligations. This will ensure your business avoids costly liabilities or negative publicity as a result of an employee claim or an ATO, Work Cover or Fair Work audit.


  • How to identify minimum wages and entitlements
  • How you can ensure you are paying employees correctly and minimise risks
  • The risks and consequences of underpaying staff
  • How to access support and assistance
Allan Hall Human Resource Services offers general advice and assistance to help employers understand and comply with their employment obligations. Our HR team also offer compliance audits for small, medium and large businesses to provide you with greater confidence and ensure compliance with your obligations under:
  • The Fair Work Act 2009, including the National Employment Standards
  • Applicable modern awards and/or other relevant instruments
Allan Hall HR Services has experience in a wide range of industries and support small, medium and large businesses across Australia with phone, email or face-to-face support.


If you couldn’t make the seminar or if you wish to recap on the key takeouts regarding Underpayment of Employee Wages click here to access the presentation slides!


If you have any further HR enquiries, please feel free to contact our HR team directly on (02) 8978 3752. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] (please include your area of concern and contact details). We hope you enjoyed the seminar!