The importance of tax planning and structuring for every business

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Alan Williams, Trustee

Tax affects every aspect of your business, so it is imperative that you plan ahead to ensure that you are not only meeting compliance and reporting requirements, but minimising the tax impact on your business.

How your business is structured can also heavily impact financial outlay, so it is crucial to understand the different types of entity structures so that you are not spending more time and money than necessary. Whether you are set up as a sole trader, company, partnership, or unit trust, your entity structure can determine a great deal of variables including tax levels, reporting criteria and establishment and annual fees. It is important to be confident in your business structuring, so if you are unsure about the implications it may have on your business, we can help.

At Allan Hall, our highly qualified tax advisors can provide your business with tax and planning advice for the most effective way to structure your business, taking into account your business’s short and long term goals. As tax advisors, we are able to review proposed transactions aimed at achieving your goals and advise you on the best course of action.

Through tax planning and structuring, we are committed to providing our clients with the following key benefits:
  • Greater understanding of the tax consequences associated with business decisions
  • Up to date information of tax developments as they affect your business
  • Minimisation of taxes where possible – both personal and business related
  • Identification of potential savings across direct and indirect taxes
  • Protection of your business’s assets
  • Review of existing structures and establishment of new structures

Due to the changing nature of the taxation environment, our team is committed to ongoing training and support to keep up to date with current rules and their interpretations by the ATO, to ensure that you are receiving accurate advice in a timely manner.

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