Compliance audits for small to large businesses

“As a successful UK marketing agency starting up in Australia, Allan Hall HR provided prompt, professional, legally sound advice and assistance and set up tailored employment contracts. This allowed us to quickly bring on a team to support our clients in the local market.”

Steve Cox, Operations Director Blackdog Creative Marketing

What we offer

Australian workplace legislation is broad and complex. It is critical you ensure your business is compliant with all legislation to avoid costly liabilities or negative publicity down the track as a result of an employee claim or an ATO, Work Cover or Fair Work audit.

Allan Hall HR offers compliance audits for small, medium and large businesses, where we review your business operations against requirements within the:

  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • Anti-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) legislation
  • Your industry Modern Award
  • State-specific legislation
  • Work Health Safety Legislation

You decide upon the level of support you require, which can include:

  • On-site audit: meeting with one of our experienced HR consultants to further understand your business, the specific risks you may face, and any concerns you wish to address.
  • Off-site desktop audit: audit of mandatory documents and audit trails via email.
  • A report identifying areas of non-compliance and recommendations for implementation.
  • A comprehensive report: which provides additional recommendations to achieve best-practice HR and/or WHS management.
  • Implementation support: including tailored documents to achieve legislative compliance and minimise risk to your business moving forward.

Our compliance audit will provide you greater peace of mind that you have correctly classified workers and are conducting operations in accordance with legislative requirements.

Our Approach

Allan Hall HR Compliance Team

Our tailored approach means we can focus on specific areas of concern you have raised, or conduct a full audit to provide you with a higher level of comfort within key areas which may expose you to the risk of penalties for non-compliance.

We understand that your objectives will change based upon your industry of operation and stage of the business life cycle, and your needs might grow from an initial compliance audit to implementing best-practice processes and procedures.

We have experience in a wide range of industries and support small, medium and large businesses across Australia with phone, email or face-to-face support.

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