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Where can you use psychometric testing?


Psychometric testing is invaluable throughout the recruitment process in all businesses, both large and small. It can help reduce employee turnover by accurately identifying and selecting employees with desirable traits, who are competent and have a good cultural fit for the business. Bad hiring decisions are a costly mistake and have been reported to cost an employer up to twice an employee’s base annual salary.

Psychometric testing can be used to measure an individual’s aptitude and ability, personality and behavioural styles, talents and motivations; all which assist in predicting the way they will perform in a job. As an employer, you can gain valuable insights into how a candidate is likely to communicate with others, make decisions, solve problems, cope with challenges and deal with stress. These traits and behaviours are critical in many jobs and they cannot be accurately assessed using traditional recruitment techniques alone, such as resume screening, interviews and reference checks. Research shows that when used as part of a focused and well-structured recruitment process, psychometric testing can significantly increase the reliability and validity of hiring decisions.

Other Uses

Psychometric assessment can also be utilised outside of the recruitment process. It can provide a valuable source of information to help businesses get the most out of existing employees and assist with employees’ career and management development.

It can add value in:

  • Career development and planning: clarifying an individual’s strengths, areas for development and personal goals, highlighting employee potential, interests and career aspirations
  • Team building: making people aware of the differences among team members and enabling them to work more effectively together
  • Succession planning: identifying those with potential for progression and evaluating their fit for a particular position
  • Performance management: determining underlying causes of under-performance

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Why Allan Hall Human Resources?

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  • Our consultants and organisational psychologists bring expertise, knowledge and passion to deliver solutions assisting you to hire talent, build talent and lead talent.
  • We have assisted clients in all industries both nationally and internationally, and offer solutions for any business, from small to large.

Key roles include but are not limited to:

  • Directors, managers and professionals
  • Graduates and trainees
  • Administration
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Technical staff

Tailored Solutions

  • We work with you to understand your business, your people and your requirements.
  • We have found that psychometric solutions work best when they’re individually tailored to your situation.
  • We provide custom reporting options shaped to each specific role or candidate, including reports written by our Registered Psychologists delivered within guaranteed turnaround times.

Diverse Range of Instruments

  • We have a diverse range of reliable and valid psychological testing instruments at our disposal including personality, cognitive ability and aptitude, but also specific skills and abilities.
  • All assessments utilise the latest technology and can be completed online to ensure automation and effortless delivery, positive candidate experience and low costs.
  • We offer a wide range of testing options including supervised assessments in our offices or affiliated test centres, to unsupervised volume screening or assessment centre solutions.
  • We have built a strong reputation for our expertise and responsiveness in providing cost effective, tailored psychometric assessment services to assist our clients in areas such as recruitment, career development, team building, succession planning, conflict resolution and performance management.

Cost Effective

  • At Allan Hall HR, we offer the services of psychometric testing as a standalone cost to ensure you have all of the information available to you to make your own recruitment and selection decisions.
  • Many organisations such as recruitment agencies offer psychometric testing as an additional cost within an end-to-end recruitment process. This means that the tests have the aim of “selling” candidates.
  • Our extensive range of psychometric testing instruments each have their own competitively priced cost depending on the combinations, usage amounts and individual requirements. For more information on pricing, please contact us.
  • Our tailored pricing model gives your business flexibility in the recruitment and selection process to ensure you make the right decisions for your business.
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