Psychometric assessments can also be utilised outside of the recruitment process. It can provide a valuable source of information to help businesses get the most out of existing employees and assist with employees’ career and management development.
It can add value in:

  • Career development, by clarification of individual’s strengths, areas for development and personal goals.
  • Team building, by making people aware of the differences among team members and enabling them to work more effectively together.
  • Career planning, by raising awareness of employee potential, interests and aspirations.
  • Succession planning, by identifying those with potential for progression and evaluating their fit for a particular position.
  • Performance management, by diagnosing underlying causes of under-performance.
A cycle of one or two years is recommended, however providing the candidate’s environment is stable, reports can still be valid for some years. Some situations such as dramatic life changes or traumatic events can have significant impacts on testing results and should be considered when interpreting the results or deciding on whether to re-test a candidate.

Types of Tests

Setting Up and Facilitating Testing

To ensure accurate and reliable testing results, we strongly advise that all tests are completed under supervision and in a controlled environment.

We do however understand that in certain circumstances it may not be possible for the candidate to complete the testing under your supervision and control. In this instance, please contact us on 1300 675 393 or at [email protected] and we can discuss other suitable arrangements, including testing at one of our affiliated testing centres.

To set up a test we will require:

  • Your Name
  • Company name
  • PC name/location
  • Candidate First Name
  • Candidate Last Name
  • Position being tested for
  • Tests required
  • Email address for testing codes to be sent to
  • Email address(es) for testing results to be sent to
  • Email address the testing report invoice is to be sent to

To request and order a test, please click here.

Click here to access the testing request form. Once you submit our testing request and order form, you will receive a unique set of testing codes that will be sent to the email that you requested the testing instructions to be sent to. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 1300 675 393 to order a test.

We request the position of the candidate to ensure that we can include the suggested hiring range for this position. This will help to determine if the candidate has the cognitive ability to successfully meet the required job expectations.

To ensure the results are representative of the candidate’s true and unassisted ability, we request that the candidate has no access to any aids, including a calculator or dictionary.
Have the candidate click the register button as shown below
Testing FAQ's 1
The candidate will now need to register their details to access the questionnaire. The email field is used to allow access to the questionnaire. The candidate will not be emailed to this address. A password must be created to allow access to the questionnaire but will not be used past this point. It is essential that their first name and last name is entered correctly.
Testing FAQ's 2
If the candidate has completed the questionnaire previously the system will recognise their email address. To log in, the candidate is required to follow the standard procedure and click on the first time user register box (on the left hand side of the log in page). When filling in their details the candidate will need to use a different email address or they can change one letter in the previously used email address. The candidate will not be emailed to this address. If this is not done the system will not allow the candidate to recomplete the questionnaire with a previously used email.
No. It is not necessary to notify us when the candidate has completed the testing. Results will get automatically submitted online and we will get notified immediately each time the candidate has completed a test.
If you do suspect that there has been issues with the completion of any of the tests or you don’t think that your responses have been submitted properly, please contact us on 1300 675 393 or at [email protected] and we will be able to confirm with you if the tests have been submitted properly.

Interpreting Reports

Our reports have been designed to be easily understood and interpreted. However, some elements may require clarification from our testing experts. If you need assistance with interpreting the report and applying these insights to the particular situation and circumstances, please give us a call on 1300 675 393. Alternatively, our tutorial videos may be able to help. Click here to access these.

If you have any questions about the reports, please don’t hesitate to contact our testing experts on 1300 675 393. Alternatively, our tutorial videos may be able to help. Click here to access our videos page.

The suggested hiring ranges were developed through the literature of the testing provider (Wonderlic) and our Organisational Psychologist. These ranges have been determined in consultation with our clients to ensure candidates meet minimum hiring standards.

However, it is particularly important to note that the scores are not set in stone and are only suggested ranges. When recruiting, it is always important to consider the requirements of the particular role, the specific circumstances and environment.

If you do not understand or would like to clarify certain parts of a testing report, we have a team of highly trained testing professionals and Organisational Psychologists who are able to talk you through the results.

We also have a number of short videos that may help. We encourage you to watch these videos to familiarise yourself with our testing tools and to give us a call if you have any questions. Click here to access our video hub.

Solutions to Testing Issues

When the validity of the results of the DISC questionnaire is very low, an invalid result is produced. In this situation, a report is not generated as it is not possible to determine the person’s preferred style with any confidence.

When a DISC result comes back invalid, we ask the candidate to re-sit the questionnaire. We will notify you if a candidate’s result comes back invalid and will re-send a new code to you for the candidate to re-complete. To put the candidate at ease, you may like to tell them that this is not uncommon and that there are various reasons why this may have occurred. You should simply ask the candidate to relax, not overthink their answers and complete the questionnaire again.

The Wonderlic and ACER tests are timed tests and will finish after the allocated time has been used. Once this time has been completed, you can no longer access the tests. Prior to commencing the tests, it is important to inform the candidate that these two tests have time limits to ensure they do not spend too long on each question.The candidate should follow the recommended time allocations for each test that is included in their instructions email.

Sometimes a candidate may accidentally exit out of a test midway through their completion OR they may experience internet issues which may cause the assessment to run slowly or potentially cut out. These issues may have significant impact on candidates testing scores and results, particularly on the time-based cognitive ability and reasoning type tests.

If this happens, it is important to notify us immediately on 1300 675 393 and we can explain what to do or we can providing the candidate with new codes if required.

After the candidate has completed their tests, we recommend you ask them how they thought the test went. If there was an issue, this will often become clear in this conversation, however if nothing is raised then we would assume there were no difficulties experienced.

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