Alliott Global Alliance APAC Regional Conference

Flagship event for the Asia-Pacific Region

Alliott Global Alliance held their APAC Regional Conference in Bangkok, Thailand from 21-23 April 2023.

APAC Chair Scott Jago from Allan Hall Business Advisors, Alliott Global CEO Giles Brake and host Thai representative firms welcomed 50 accounting and legal professionals from across the Asia-Pacific region.

In his role as APAC Chair, Scott has held a pivotal role leading and overseeing the interactions of members in the region, optimising alliance introductions and ensuring that relationships are conducted fluently.

During the conference, representatives from various APAC countries shared insights about the practical aspects of conducting business in their respective jurisdictions. They provided information on the benefits of establishing or restructuring a company, as well as advice on how to initiate trade and ensure a smoother entry. Moreover, each presenter highlighted potential business prospects in growing industries including fintech, IT, electric vehicles, food and beverage, carbon offsetting and renewables.

During her session on Doing Business in Australia Allan Hall Senior International Tax Manager, Paris Barns, updated alliance members on the statutory responsibilities for Directors and meeting the audit compliance requirements.

“Attending this year’s Alliott Global Alliance APAC Regional Conference allowed us to catch up with both new members and old friends. Allan Hall holds close affiliations with alliance member firms that can help our clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region.”

— Scott Jago

With a wealth of experience in the accounting and business advisory space, Paris specialises in international taxation, providing advice and business solutions to individuals, small businesses and large companies with a global presence.

“Paris’ international presence within the Alliott Global Alliance enables our team at Allan Hall to provide our clients with an accounting and/or legal business partner on every continent, to help them succeed globally,” Scott added.

Other conference highlights

  • Michael Weidokal, Executive Director of International Strategic Analysis, discussed the influence of changing political and economic dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Independent IT consultant Jeremy Hyman presented significant AI trends and their relevance to the professional services industry
  • Alliott Global CEO Giles Brake highlighted recent alliances and initiatives to increase visibility, strengthen member firms and expand their business base with alliance members exploring avenues for growth, including roundtable discussions with attendees to exchange perspectives and ideas.