Be your best tradie with the right tech

How can tradespeople go about streamlining their business and help set themselves up for success?

Reduce admin with the right tech

For trade business owners wanting to get more control and grow their business, reducing time spent on admin can have a huge impact. 

Worldwide, 39% of tradespeople spend more than 12 hours per week on paperwork – that’s more than one working week every month. Using specialised trade business management software can drastically reduce this.

For example, one area that’s a time blackhole for tradespeople is quoting. A fast and efficient quoting system not only saves admin time, but can also have a positive impact on how many jobs a tradesperson is likely to win.

Managing staff and communicating with customers is another area where the right software can come to the rescue for tradespeople. It’s easy to see how this time can add up if operators are spending a lot of the time on the phone, booking jobs, giving customers updates and liaising with staff.

Whereas using a cloud-based job management app like Tradify can ensure that your staff know exactly what they need, where to go and what to do just by checking the app. The Tradify app also features live job-tracking which can help communicate to each customer exactly what’s happening.

Using software to set up efficient admin processes builds a solid foundation for a trades business.

The amount of time saved compounds over time, potentially saving hundreds of hours a year. And the flow-on effects can be huge. Not only does it mean time saved, it can also help tradespeople feel less stressed, more in control and give them time back to spend on higher value activities, helping their trade business grow as a result.

We know that better efficiency gets you more family time and the ability to take the time off you want to have!

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