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As a general rule, you should consider meeting with a financial planner when major events occur in your life that may require a review of your financial or personal situation. These could include:
  • Ensuring you are on track to achieve your retirement objectives
  • You have equity in your property you wish to invest
  • You have recently obtained a mortgage or have had children
  • You have just paid off your home
  • You have received a lump sum of money through perhaps, redundancy or inheritance
  • You need to update or implement personal insurances so your family is protected in case of sickness, injury or death
  • You are looking to start or increase your investment portfolio
  • You are thinking of starting or running a business
  • You are pending retirement or you have recently retired
Depending on the life stage you are up to, our experienced team can guide you through the many and varied financial choices, decisions and obstacles that you will face. These include:

Family Free

Travelling, first job/building career, enjoying life
  • Do I need insurance?
  • Should I start an investment plan?
  • Budgeting
  • How can I pay for my first property?

Young Families

Paying mortgage, raising and educating children, cash flow tight
  • Life insurance, income protection imperative
  • Wills needed
  • Can I own my home quicker?
  • How is my super tracking?

Established Families

Mortgage under control, super looking healthy, children less dependent
  • Do I still need insurance? If so how much?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • Transition to retirement
  • Is an SMSF right for me?
  • Can I help my children get their first home?
  • Estate Planning
  • Aged Care for parents

Empty Nesters

Enjoying life, travelling, hobbies, part-time work
  • Super investments, pension phase
  • Managing income
  • Centrelink Age Pension
  • Aged Care considerations
  • Grandchildren’s education
  • Estate planning
Life Stages 2

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