Four Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit from Recruitment Assistance

Do you need help with recruitment? We’ve got the lowdown on your recruitment options and why your business can benefit from recruitment assistance.

Why use a Recruiter

A recruiter should be thought of as your very own personal brand spokesperson, a brand ambassador with the primary purpose to find people who will thrive in your business and help your business grow.

Recruitment can be extremely time consuming and costly for a business, particularly if you don’t get it right! If you are in need of recruitment assistance, you can opt for the more traditional recruitment agency offerings or you can consider a non-traditional recruitment approach such as what we offer at Allan Hall HR.

Here we break down these options and give you four reasons why your business should invest in recruitment assistance.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies:

Otherwise known as employment agencies, traditional recruitment agencies will work with your business to help you find suitable candidates for your role. In most cases, you will be charged on average, 10-30% of the candidate’s remuneration package (this could equate to roughly $10,000 – $30,000 per successful candidate).

This percentage however can change depending on the nature and scope of the role. The recruitment agency will not charge a recruitment fee unless their client chooses to hire one of the suitable candidates they put forward.

This recruitment process is completely outcome-based, and in most cases, you as the employer will have minimum control or transparency over the recruitment process as a whole.

Non-traditional Recruitment Assistance:

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, a non-traditional recruitment approach does not come with high-cost recruitment fees. In most cases, a non-traditional recruiter will charge an hourly rate for a range of services that delivers exceptional value for money.

At Allan Hall HR, we follow a non-traditional method of recruitment in that we have no placement fees and no high commissions based on a percentage of salary package. You can choose as little or as many services as you wish from our range of recruitment services to meet your specific hiring requirements – from advertising and shortlisting, to interviewing, psychometric testing and providing comprehensive employment contracts. We support you all the way and you only pay for the time we spend together with discounted rates on your specific advertising costs or any psychometric testing instruments you choose.

So, with that in mind, we want to explain the benefits and reasons why your business should engage specialist recruiters.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruiter:

1. Network 

  • Recruiters have access to a substantial and tailored network of people that they can reach out to:  Recruiters have a database of candidates that is constantly growing, from past ads to headhunting and more. They also have access to professional recruiter licences through platforms such as Linkedin and SEEK, that allow a more tailored and in-depth search for candidates, both in the job seeking and passive markets. Just because someone isn’t actively job seeking, doesn’t mean they’re not open to being approached!
  • They understand the importance of networking and make the time to do so.
  • They have connections and continue to grow your presence across a diverse industry set.

2. Efficiencies 

  • Recruiters are experienced and efficient in the review of applications ensuring they assess the best candidates possible. You will only deal with candidates that have been thoroughly screened.
  • They use a professional job platform and innovative tools, allowing them to stay on top of new applications and candidates.
  • These efficiencies allow a recruiter to focus on delivering the best recruitment result for the client, whilst allowing you to focus on what you excel at; running your own business!

3. Professionalism and Passion 

  • Recruiters are specialists, experienced in managing candidate processes, ensuring candidates leave with a fine impression of the process and the client, regardless of the outcome. 
  • They have the time and ability to dedicate all their efforts to recruitment and to continue the momentum, preventing the loss of good candidates through delayed or spasmodic communication. 
  • They work with you throughout the entire process to ensure governance and compliance.
  • Recruiters love recruiting! It’s their business, it’s what they do every day and what they do best!

4. Knowledge 

  • Recruiters have industry specific knowledge from years in the business, from the latest trends to award rates and more.
  • They keep your business updated on market intelligence, trends and developments that may impact the recruitment processes and program. 


Recruiters are able to search for and identify quality candidates and create a seamless process for both the candidate and client. They utilise professionally tailored tools in combination with knowledge and networking ability to deliver an exceptional outcome for clients – a quality candidate whilst providing clients with the most important and vital commodity…time! 

If you would like to hear more about our recruitment services at Allan Hall HR and how our recruitment team can help you with a customised recruitment offering, tailored to your business needs and budget, visit our recruitment page here. Please feel free to call us on 1300 675 393 to speak with a Recruitment Specialist, should you have any questions or wish to enquire further about our services.