Keeping it safe this Christmas

The lead-up to Christmas creates its own challenges in the workplace with busy schedules, tight deadlines and planning for celebrations.

With this in mind, as we draw closer to the end of the year, workers and employers are urged to consider any additional risks involved and work together to prevent Christmas-time workplace incidents and injuries.

Workplace Injuries

The Christmas ‘rush’ can mean an increase in injuries as businesses are pushed to meet client deadlines and wrap projects and activities up before the end of the year.

In retail, it’s meeting the surge in demand and extra opening hours. In the construction sector, it’s builders, tradesmen and contractors trying to finish projects, and in manufacturing, it’s factories and warehouses trying to finalise and complete orders before the holiday shutdown.

What do you need to do?

The safest workplace is one where employers and workers stop and take the time to think about the work they will be doing and plan to do it as safely as possible.

So, take a few moments to identify if any additional strategies are needed in your workplace.

  • Do you have processes or rosters in place to manage fatigue?
  • Are your workers outside and have you considered the impact of summer heat?
  • Do you have appropriate supervision, coordination and training for any additional staff in your workplace?

Ensure these types of considerations are made and communicated with workers so that deadlines are met without creating unnecessary risk.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and it is up to all employers and workers to work together to make sure injuries do not happen.


In regard to your workplace celebrations, the end of year season always seems to bring out the old stories about how work health and safety at work gets in the way of a good celebration. While these stories can often be over exaggerated, Christmas is an opportune time to ensure everyone understands the fundamentals of workplace safety.

The law requires that persons conducting a business or undertaking do what is reasonably practicable to keep their workers safe – no more and no less.

And when it comes to business social activities, staff functions, celebrations or after work drinks, this means a sensible approach to plan and host responsibly.

Our team at Allan Hall Safety and Allan Hall HR have years of first-hand experience to guide you and your business to a safe, enjoyable and incident free festive season.

Please contact Graeme Powell at Allan Hall Safety on 02 8978 3752 if you require any guidance or assistance in this regard.