Beware the ATO is watching you

Over the last few years the Australian Tax Office has been steadily increasing the amount of data matching information they use to check if taxpayers are declaring all of their income and gains. The ATO source data from three sources: 1. Government Agencies 2. Tax Returns of Other Taxpayers 3. Businesses Government Agencies The ATO is entitled to access information from nearly all other Government agencies. This has included limited…  Read more

Have you taken out Tax Audit Insurance?

Irrespective of how well your financial affairs are managed, you are not immune to being selected for an audit. With the ATO and other government agencies and business entities continuing to increase surveillance to ensure parties are compliant and meeting their obligations, the chances of being audited are now higher than ever. Government Agencies generally accept lodged documents at face value but will randomly select any number for subsequent audit.…  Read more

Wish someone else could look after your HR needs?

HR has become immensely more complex over recent years and small businesses with limited employees may find themselves overwhelmed by HR demands. If you feel stretched thin by ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, managing employee recruitment, dealing with employee performance or behaviour or developing your employees to get the most out of them, you might need help. While many small business owners might think that outsourcing HR functions…  Read more

The Best Team Wins

In business, as in sport, the best team wins. And in business, as in sport, the competition is getting tougher. This increasingly competitive business environment has led to psychometric testing becoming an increasingly popular tool, used by both small and large businesses, to ensure they have the best possible team with the right people in the right positions. With the recent economic climate, many businesses have had to re-think their…  Read more

Managing Social Media

With the advent of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. many businesses are increasingly seeing the value of such tools in expanding their business, branding, advertising and recruiting staff. Social Media has become a major aspect of e-communication both inside and outside the workplace in recent years. There are however employment-related issues surrounding these popular tools and this article summarises some of the issues employers might face…  Read more

Casual Employees or Part time?

Retailers, cafĂ© owners, restauranteurs, pharmacists and fast food operators were relieved when earlier this year, the Fair Work Commission decided to cut penalty rates, with the changes to be phased in over a 2-3 year period. Historically, award restrictions and penalty rates have created a disincentive to employing people on the best trading days, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. When employing staff, it is also important to understand the relevant…  Read more

Allan Hall named finalist in numerous firm-wide categories, including the Australian Accounting Awards 2019

Allan Hall Business Advisors continues to impress with individual, network and firm-wide awards and accolades, with our latest nomination as finalists in 6 categories of the Australian Accounting Awards 2019, Women in Finance Awards and HR Manager of the Year. For further details and a full list of our recent awards, click below.

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Allan Hall is the Sydney member of Alliott Group, an award winning, growing, global alliance of 160+ accounting, law and consulting firms in 60+ countries.