REMINDER: Tax Returns must be lodged by 30 June 2019 for lump sum claims for family assistance and for balancing family tax benefit payments

The Dept of Human Services allows a period of one year to submit a lump sum claim for family assistance and confirm your income for that year.

If you wish to submit a lump sum claim for the 2018 financial year for the following:

  • Family Tax Benefit (FTB);
  • Child Care Benefit (CCB); or
  • Single Income Family Supplement (SIFS) if you do not receive FTB for the whole year;

you and your partner need to confirm your income by lodging your tax return for the 2018 year, or advising that you do not need to lodge a tax return, no later than 30 June 2019.

If you don’t submit your lump sum claim for CCB by 30 June 2019, you will not be assessed on your eligibility for a Child Care Rebate.

The 2017–18 financial year is the last year you can claim child care payments as a lump sum. After this date the Child Care Subsidy started and if you are eligible, it is paid directly to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

Note that you will also need to lodge your 2018 tax return no later than 30 June 2019, in order to be eligible for any top ups or supplements to Family Tax Benefits if you received payments during the 2018 year.

To ensure both you and your partner’s Tax Returns are lodged on time, please contact your usual Allan Hall Business Advisor or simply click on the button below. To enable us to lodge your returns by this deadline, we will need your work no later than Wednesday 19th June 2019.