SurfAid Cup Manly 2023

Allan Hall hangs ten for SurfAid on 27 October

The anticipation is building as the Allan Hall Business Advisors surfing squad  — alongside our very good friends at Big Hill Beach Cottages in Crescent Head —prepare to hit the surf and compete in the annual SurfAid Cup contest at Manly in October. 

Our team will be surfing together again with the goal of doing us proud and taking out the championship.

Taking place at Manly Beach on Friday 27 October 2023, the SurfAid Cup raises funds for SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programmes. With your support, we can give families the best chance of getting ahead by providing access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation and improved nutrition.

SurfAid is a non-profit humanitarian organisation that works alongside some of the world’s most isolated and vulnerable communities to bring about positive and sustainable health and well-being changes. The organisation is dedicated to enriching lives and increasing people’s choices and possibilities for realising their potential.

The organisation relies on donations to continue improving the health, well-being and resilience of remote communities throughout the world. To find out more about SurfAid and its work, please click here.

Giving is an important part of who we are and how Allan Hall Business Advisors operates. We recognise the importance of a strong local economy that’s positive and cohesive, where people strive to help each other. Each year, SurfAid Cup Manly is a priority on the Allan Hall calendar and is an event we’re now renowned for — for being fierce competitors no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. Allan Hall Business Advisors has been taking part as SurfAid Cup competitors since 2013 and has helped fundraise over $60k to date. We hope you can help us.

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