Is Workplace Conflict Affecting your Business?

What are the costs of your workplace conflicts?

Even with the best leadership and support structures in place, conflict can and does occur in most workplaces from time to time.  Workplace conflict has a significant cost not only in lost management time dealing with the conflict, but also in loss of productivity and morale among staff.

While it is human nature to avoid difficult conversations and conflict in the workplace, a small disagreement if left to fester can rapidly escalate into a major dispute.

Also, conflict that is not dealt with effectively can result in employees suffering stress and psychological injury and potentially lead to legal claims which are costly and can cause damage to your company’s reputation.

Managing conflict effectively is the key to restoring an engaged and productive team and protects the company and its employees.

Often, the employer is made aware of conflict in the workplace when an employee complains about another employee.  Depending on the issues raised by the employee, careful consideration should be given to whether there needs to be a formal investigation or whether a mediation may be more appropriate.

For matters potentially involving serious misconduct or unlawful behaviour such as bullying or sexual harassment, our experienced investigators can conduct confidential interviews and get to the bottom of what has occurred, while ensuring rigorous procedural fairness.

For issues that may involve interpersonal antagonism or communication difficulties where there is no significant power imbalance between the two employees, a mediation may be more appropriate.  Our accredited mediator is able to facilitate a process which allows the employees to air their grievances and work towards a mutually agreeable resolution of their dispute.

If you are faced with any kind of workplace conflict or complaint, we can assist you to assess the problem and determine the best way forward. For more information regarding our mediation services click here. Or send us an email: [email protected]

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