Allan Hall attends Accounting & Law Firm Alliance’s Conference

From 24-26 May, Allan Hall Partner, Scott Jago, represented our firm at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of Alliott Group, which was this year held in Osaka, Japan. Alliott Group is an international alliance of professional services firms of which Allan Hall is a longstanding member. The conference provided learning, personal development and networking opportunities and was attended by 28 professionals from 17 cities in 11 countries.

This year’s conference was themed ‘Building a Future-Proof Professional Firm’ and provided attendees with insight into the business opportunities offered by Japan and other Asia Pacific economies, offering practical tips on how to communicate and negotiate more effectively with Asian business people. With delegates attending from Alliott Group affiliated member firms across Asia, as well as from Australia, Belgium, Germany and the UK, the conference enabled Allan Hall to build stronger personal connections with professional advisors globally, benefiting our clients who will be able to rely on these connections when they need assistance with an international business or personal finance matter.

So what did the conference cover?

  • Economic data confirming the attractiveness and importance of trading with Japan
  • Updates on Japan’s new EU and Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreements which are set to to boost the country’s GDP and job markets from 2019
  • Information on regulatory and tax reforms
  • Opportunities for clients who may be looking to invest or expand into Japan – Japan is the world’s third largest economy in term of GDP (US$4,939 billion) and has experienced 8 consecutive quarters of GDP growth. Foreign businesses are being encouraged to enter the Japanese market through ongoing regulatory reforms (liberalisation and loosening of visa requirements)
  • Cultural workshop providing tips on how to interact with Japanese and Asian cultures when doing business with people in the Asia Pacific region

At a time when Allan Hall is working with many clients who are expanding internationally, our participation in this conference has enabled us to grow our resources and knowledge, to enable us to more effectively advise clients who are doing business in Asia Pacific countries.

“The international focus of our firm is increasingly important to our clients and makes us different in our local market. The global reach offered by our Alliott Group membership means we can extend our services to almost any location in the world as required by our clients. Clients needing help in Japan, other Asia Pacific countries or in other parts of the world, are encouraged to contact one of our highly skilled business advisors so that we can introduce you to English-speaking professionals in different countries whom we know personally.”

Scott Jago, Partner, Allan Hall Business Advisors

We’re proud of our ongoing involvement with the Alliott Group and the strong alliance of independent accounting and law firms that offers a large resource base to help develop our firm’s reputation, visibility and new business opportunities, on an international scale. You can find out more about the Alliott Group on our website.

To find out more about how Allan Hall can provide professional advisory support if you are looking to do business in different markets around the world, please contact us or call us directly on +61 2 9981 2300. You can also learn more about our international services by clicking here.


Allan Hall attends Osaka conference





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