Webinar Recap: JobKeeper Payment – Your Questions Answered

The Government’s JobKeeper Payment will provide much needed relief for many businesses and individuals who have been impacted by COVID-19. On Wednesday the 15th of April, our team at Allan Hall Business Advisors and Allan Hall Human Resources ran a FREE webinar for Allan Hall clients and friends, that focused on the JobKeeper Payment, providing insights and guidance and the opportunity to have your questions answered. We also covered some of the key options available to businesses that can work alongside the JobKeeper Payment to help business owners manage their employment costs, including stand-downs, redundancies, reduced hours, reduced pay and taking of leave. Throughout the presentation, we heard from two of our partners, Scott Jago and Belinda Burne , together with our HR Director, Gordon Parish and Senior HR Consultant, Amanda Lye who talked through both business and employment implications and some common client scenarios.

To view the webinar recording, click the video below:

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Webinar FAQs

The Australian Government and the ATO continue to update JobKeeper Payment FAQs on a daily basis to assist you with the latest information regarding the JobKeeper Scheme and what you need to know as an employer. Click  here  to access the  JobKeeper Payment FAQs from Treasury. Click  here  to access the  JobKeeper Payment FAQs from the ATO . We have also created a  JobKeeper Webinar FAQs that directly reflects the most common questions we received during our webinar. Click here to access our JobKeeper Webinar FAQs.

Allan Hal HR Support Centre

We will be following up directly with all Allan Hall clients  who attended and/or registered for the webinar, and provide you with FREE access to our HR Support Centre , a comprehensive ongoing online resource of HR information, tips and tools for employers that also includes some specialist COVID-19 resources. If you are not an Allan Hall client, but you wish to receive access to our HR Support Centre or speak to any of our HR Consultants regarding your individual circumstances, please contact Allan Hall HR directly on 1300 675 393 or email: [email protected] .

Our aim is to do whatever we can to help you through these times to ensure your ongoing and future business success. If you do however have any further questions regarding the JobKeeper Payment and changes to the Fair Work Legislation, please contact your Allan Hall Advisor or HR Consultant for further assistance.

Webinar Recap: JobKeeper Payment – Your Questions Answered 1