Changes to Xero plans from July

Xero’s New Subscription Plans: Enhancing Small Business Efficiency

Streamlined Plans Tailored for Small Businesses Users from 1 July 2024.

Xero wants to make sure the needs of small businesses are met well into the future — and that means providing Xero users with easier access to tools that help you run your business efficiently. That’s why they’re refreshing subscription plans for small businesses users, which will be available from 1 July 2024.

According to Xero, much consideration has been put into creating streamlined plans with bundled tools and features, to help users solve their most important accounting and people management tasks. 

Find out more about the plans and what’s included for small businesses »

Introducing Xero’s small business plans 

Xero is launching three new streamlined business plans for Australian users, as well as enhancing the Ultimate plan. 

  • Xero Ignite plan — accounting basics made for businesses starting out
  • Xero Grow plan — accounting tools for self-employed and growing businesses
  • Xero Comprehensive plan — streamlined accounting and payroll for businesses with employees
  • Xero Ultimate plan (enhanced) — accounting, payroll and forecasting tools to help businesses scale for future growth.

With the new plan line-up for Australian small businesses available from 1 July 2024, existing Xero Payroll Only, Xero Starter, Xero Standard and Xero Premium plans will no longer be sold. Existing add-ons can no longer be purchased separately from this date.

The new plan line-up has more key features included — with fewer plans and add-ons to navigate. That means easier access to the tools and features users are looking for, so you can spend time on things that count, like running your business.  

Find out more about how new business plans compare with existing plans and what’s included.

Moving to a new plan

With the launch of these new plans, your existing plan will be moved to a new plan in a phased approach. Your current plan (and any add-ons) will be taken into account as part of this, with the migration of all plans projected to be completed by March 2025. 

Xero will continue to keep users updated during the plan change process and you’ll have at least 60 days notice before any changes are made.

How Xero is supporting users 

Xero understands that these new plans may feel like a big change, but please know that you’ll be continually updated during this process. In the meantime, Xero recommends familiarising yourself with the new plans so you can consider the best option for you when the plans are launched. 

Innovative, efficient bookkeeping

Keeping up to date with the business’s accounts payables, receivables, account reconciliations and ATO requirements can be very demanding for any business owner or financial manager.

At Allan Hall, we are committed to providing tailored comprehensive bookkeeping solutions that are comprehensive and long term, freeing up your time so you can focus on running your business. Whether you need support to manage your cash flow, forecast income and expenditure, or simply provide more detailed financial reporting, our highly skilled team of bookkeepers will assist you to ensure your business is operating as planned.


aga global conference athens 2023

Alliott Global Alliance Worldwide Conference 2023

The 2023 Worldwide Conference hosted by Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) in Athens surpassed expectations, drawing 155 delegates from 49 countries – an unprecedented turnout for our global network of accountants and lawyers.

AGA APAC Chair, Scott Jago, represented Allan Hall Business Advisors at the conference and highlighted the immense value of making international connections with both longstanding and the newest alliance members.

Participants demonstrated a keen readiness to address future challenges by leveraging their memberships and tapping into alliance expertise, business acumen, innovations and resources. Discussions spanned a diverse range of topics, including succession planning, business development, AI, cybersecurity, leadership, pricing and crisis management.

In the CEO’s keynote address, a forward-looking vision was painted, emphasising growth, adaptability and a commitment to a collaborative and innovative spirit within AGA. While acknowledging the importance of heritage and core values, the CEO stressed the necessity for AGA to evolve continually to remain relevant in the ever-changing global landscape.

The shift towards a more proactive, collaborative culture emerged as a recurring theme, with the CEO highlighting five strategic goals: creating more opportunities, maximising human resources, facilitating knowledge transfer, sharing innovations and building a stronger brand identity.

Service excellence also took centre stage, with attendees encouraged to extend a metaphorical red carpet to fellow members and their clients, fostering a culture of generosity and responsiveness. Addressing challenges, members were urged to find solutions for core services outside their expertise but within the AGA network.

Allan Hall’s International Services

We live in an entrepreneurial and globalised market and many businesses are expanding internationally. If you are an international business looking to start up in Australia, or an Australian business looking to expand overseas, Allan Hall has a highly skilled and experienced team in International Services. We collaborate with you to develop strategic solutions tailored to your business so you can respond to global opportunities and take on challenges in your chosen region.



Cost pressure continues to impact business

Australian Bureau of Statistics survey findings

Over one-third of all businesses expect to increase the price of their goods or services over the next three months by more than usual, a similar result to March 2022, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

ABS Head of Industry Statistics, John Shepherd, said: “Most of these businesses were finding that increases in the cost of products and services and fuel and / or energy costs were leading factors for planned price increases.”

The survey results also showed nearly half of all businesses have no plans to increase their prices over the next three months.

Of these businesses, nearly half said it was to retain customers and 46% said they had fixed-price contracts in place.

The results also provided information about planned capital expenditure over the next three months. Almost one in five businesses have planned capital expenditure in May 2022, consistent with findings in May 2021.

Nearly half of businesses planning capital expenditure indicated it would be higher than what is usual for this time of year, fewer than a year ago when 59% planned for higher expenditure. 

The biggest Influencing factors on whether businesses were planning for capital expenditure were uncertainty about the future state of the economy and supply chain disruptions.